Ten Thoughts Every Book Lover Has in a Book Store

A couple of weekends ago I was browsing my local Waterstones as my boyfriend patiently (yeah right) hovered beside me. I have to hand it to him though, he did recognise one book out of hundreds that I already own. Anyway, here’s a list of thoughts that are usually floating around my head whilst perusing the many shelves of books.


1. Ok, I know exactly what I’m here for so I’ll head straight there…. WAIT! New releases!

2. This is such a beautiful book cover! I’ve never heard of the book but it’ll look so great on my shelves.

3. So I already have this series in paperback. Here are the hardbacks. Hm… *scoops all the books into arms and runs to the till*

4. I need to ditch this family member/friend/partner so that I drool and deliberate over books for a good few hours guilt free.

5. Dammit, this series has had a cover change four books. Well, I guess I’m going to have to buy them all again!

6. There must be an immaculate copy with no folds or creases here somewhere… *roots through the whole shelf*

7. I know I don’t work here but somebody has just dumped a load of books in the wrong place and I just can’t. This one should be here…. that one should go there.

8. I totally need to come here for a Bookstagram shoot.

9. Can I just drop everything and come and work here please?

10. Buy one get one half price? Well then, it’s decided. I must buy 12! It’s only logical.

So there we have it, a short and sweet list of the thoughts I’ve had whilst visiting a book store. Do you these sound familiar to any fellow booklovers out there? What have I missed?