A Day Out To: Uppermill and Holmfirth!

Yesterday me and my family decided we wanted to go somewhere and to do something, as it’s not often we’re all free on a Sunday. After visiting my Grandad for his birthday, we decided to visit Uppermill, after me asking to go for weeks! Uppermill is a little village just past Oldham near Manchester, and only has one main road with a couple of shops on. It’s very quaint, and is home to one off boutiques, cafes, pubs and charity shops. I love visiting book shops and hunting for bargains in charity shops, especially as the money goes to charity!

After Uppermill we drove up through to Holmfirth, where again we rooted around a few book shops and charity shops and I had fish and chips for the second time in two days 🙁 How unhealthy am I!? I’m starting my change to a healthier lifestyle tomorrow so that’s my excuse… I didn’t get many interesting pictures as we weren’t there long, but you can see below how historic and lovely Holmfirth is.

 After coming back through Greenfield and stopping off to get my dad and sister an ice cream, we made our way home. It was such a lovely change to spend a day with the family and go out together, and I had such a nice time.

 I didn’t particularly buy much today, I’m counting down the days until payday, but I’m happy with my purchases! So the two sweet jars at the back might seem a bit random, but they were giving them away for free in the sweet shop we visited and I thought they were really cute and would be good for storage or decoration. The small container at the front was 50p from a charity shop, I really couldn’t say no! I thought it would be perfect for hair grips or rings or anything small I don’t want to lose. My sister found Grand Theft Auto and decided we needed it as it was only £1. I haven’t been on the Playsation in a long time, but I think it’s about to get used pretty soon. I love candles, I need to write a post on my collection! Anyway, I saw these little Yankee Candle samples in a really cute shop called “Seasons”. If you go to Uppermill, have a look! It’s gorgeous and has a full range of Yankee Candles, and all sorts of other little gifts and trinkets for all occasions. They were £1.25 each, and will fit perfectly on my tart burner. They are called Clean Cotton and Midsummers Night and are my two favourites!

My mum has taken up a new hobby of making cakes, and rustled up these cuties pretty quickly, so, I had ANOTHER cupcake. I just don’t learn! Anyway, I apologise for the millions of pictures again but I thought the places I visited were too beautiful to not capture. Would you like to see more of these posts? Let me know what you think 🙂

Thank you for reading!

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  1. wish my mom decided she wanted to make cupcaks all the time, omg that would be so nice. aha it looks like you had a really nice day!

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