The Book Review #3 – I Heart New York

I Heart New York is the first of the five ‘I Heart’ books by Lindsay Kelk. For anyone who has already read the book, how much do you want Angela’s life?! Aside from the fact her boyfriend of 10 years cheats on her, she gets to live in New York, buy beautiful handbags and make up, meet gorgeous men and did I already mention? She lives in New York!

Right now, the above seem pretty unrealistic to me, but apart from that you can really relate to the main character Angela. The book flows with such ease and I thoroughly enjoyed each and every page. One of the best things about the book are the characters. The way they are described and the dialogue they use really paints a picture in your mind and I felt as if I knew each character.

Although this book isn’t a complex read and the story is one where you could maybe work out the ending, I think it’s great. Lindsay Kelk has a unique way of writing; the story was funny, serious and even sad at some points but you always felt involved. I think that Angela begins to lead a life that many girls want (especially as she becomes a blogger for a big time magazine!) and I feel like this is one of the major attractions of the book. It is so easy to get immersed in the book and picture yourself as the main character and I think this is hard thing for authors to create.

I finished this book within a few days of buying it, and have already moved on to the second! The review of this will probably be up next Sunday if it’s as good/better than the first! I’d 100% recommend this book, it’s fun, flirty and will probably make you a little bit jealous.

Has anyone else read I Heart New York? What did you think? Thank you for reading!

Amy x

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