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A few days ago I had an email informing me about this challenge that had been set by MoneySupermarket, you can read all about it here, but basically MoneySupermarket gave me £30 to spend on a charity of my choice. The charity I chose is Millstream Animal Shelter, which houses cats, dogs, rabbits and ferrets that have either been abandoned or are in need of a new home. Once they are taken in, if need be, their health is restored by the love and care that the staff give to all their animals, and then they try to find new loving homes for each of them. After taking in an abandoned cat myself and helping him to get healthy and to trust humans again, it really means a lot to me that these animals are helped, as the charity relies heavily on local support alone. When I was younger my dad and I used to volunteer at the charity by taking the shelter’s dogs for a walk every now and again, and I couldn’t wait to be able to help them out again.

As I already follow their Facebook page, I knew that as they are looking after 35 kittens among all the other animals at the moment, they are in need of a lot of kitten food, so this helped me to decide what to buy! Along with wet and dry kitten food, I bought dry food for adult cats and adult dogs and dry food for puppies as well. You can see in the picture that I got a lot for my money, and only had to add about £2 of my own money at the till!

Choosing from all the products available at Pets At Home was hard!
Then it all just about fit in the boot of the car!
I’m extremely sorry about the carboot-esque photo, but this was the only chance we got to take a picture!

Some of the cats that live permanently in the shelter were chilling inside, with a lot of comfy spaces to relax on.

These are the pens that the cats that need homing are kept it at night, but usually wander around during the day. Today they were all hiding in the shade so there weren’t many to see around here.
Except for this cheeky fellow who kept sticking his tongue out at us….
…. and this little guy who’d gotten himself stuck here! Sorry for the awful picture quality but I just had to capture this moment. Looks like he didn’t know to go back the way he’d came bless him.
Unfortunately we weren’t able to see the dogs at the shelter as it can be too stressful for those who’ve had troubled pasts, but the lovely lady at the shelter took us round where they sleep.
 As you can see there are plenty of toys and dens to keep them busy and entertained!

I bought:

6 x wet kitten food = £20

2 x dry adult cat food = £2

1 x dry kitten food = £1

1 x dry adult dog food = £4.99

1 x dry puppy food = £4.99



I feel so happy to have been able to help such a worthwhile charity. If anyone around Greater Manchester is looking at adopting a cat or dog, you should definitely check out Millstream Animal Shelter here. If you’re not able to adopt one of the lovely animals, you can always help out by donating to the charity here. It costs around £530 to run the shelter for ONE day!!! Every penny definitely helps 🙂

Thank you for reading!

Amy x

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  1. Thats so sweet.. I wish I could afford another cat. Those cats look so adorable.. I hope they find nice permanent homes soon.. Its so great of you to help the shelter the way you did 🙂

    beautybydm.blogspot.com xx

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