Lush Sugar Body Scrub

On a recent trip to Lush, I picked up this Sugar Body Scrub on a whim as I was making my way to the till. It’s a mix of sugar, grated ginger and fennel which helps to brighten the skin and it also claims to help areas of cellulite. I don’t have cellulite myself but anything that claims to help tighten up the skin on those areas that need a little help can’t be bad! 

Lush Sugar Scrub – £2.95

I’m a huge fan of body scrubs, and my all time favourites are from Soap & Glory. These ones come in tubs and tubes, so I was really intrigued to see how I’d get on with a more solid scrub like this one. You run it under the water before rubbing it across damp skin and at first I’d recommend getting the scrub quite wet and rubbing gently, as it can be quite harsh until you get used to it. As I began using it, I immediately thought I should have broken it in half.  Once I had ran the scrub under the water, it began to dissolve and break down quite quickly, which I should have anticipated really! This meant that as I didn’t use the whole Lush Sugar Scrub in the one shower, I was left with a sort of mush, and as I couldn’t do anything with it I unfortunately had to get rid of it. 

The scrub definitely felt like it was making a difference to my skin while I used it, but after finishing my shower and moisturising, I didn’t feel as though it had done as good a job as my Soap & Glory scrubs do; my skin wasn’t as smooth or soft. Although, at £2.95, it is definitely worth trying out and does leave your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

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