This is a post that I haven’t featured on amyjanealice before, and as I love being nosey and seeing what’s on other people’s iPads, I thought it might be something fun to upload myself. I treated myself to an iPad after I started university and I’ve used it every day since, it’s completely worth every penny! This post is a little wordy so grab a cuppa and enjoy.

Lock and Home Screen

I love having a pretty lock and home screen, it just makes the whole iPad look nicer! Chevron and flowers are two of my favourite backgrounds so it was a no brainer really!

Top and Bottom Row

I keep my most used social media apps on the top row for ease of access, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. On the frosted bottom row, I have Safari, Mail, Videos and Music. Aside from Video, I use them all really regularly so it made sense to keep them there. Messages is also on the top row which I don’t use that often, but it is a useful app if I’m too lazy to look at my phone when I get a text.

Apple Mandatory Apps

On the second and most of the third row I have all the apps that come automatically loaded with the iPad, such as photos, camera, Photo Booth, iBooks, app store, settings and calculator. I also have a folder called Productivity that I haven’t shown in this post just because it includes the rest of the Apple apps: calender, contacts, iTunes store, reminders, notes, maps, newsstand, game center, clock and Facetime.

YouTube is a must on both my iPad and iPhone. It’s great for catching up on my subscriptions on the move and also to listen to music I don’t have in iTunes. Bloglovin’ is the same, I like to browse through all the new posts in my breaks at uni or at night if I don’t want to use my laptop. I use Blogger to draft posts as it’s not very good at actually organising and posting them. LinkedIn is really useful to have as you can connect with potential employers, friends, and people in the career you want. It also advertises jobs and there are really interesting articles posted on there. It really helps you be more professional. There are plenty of apps and websites for scheduling posts but my particular favourite is Hootsuite. It’s super easy and you can check out your home feed, mentions, DM’s and scheduled tweets all in one place and the majority it all on one page! I don’t really use Pinterest often, but if I need some inspiration or just want to browse through some pretty pictures, it’s the first place I go. Vine is brilliant if you need a laugh, though I’ve never posted one myself! My blog is hosted on Blogger, but I have WordPress downloaded on my iPad as a blog I created for uni is hosted on there. It’s quite useful and I use it the same as I use the Blogger app. A Beautiful Mess is one of those apps that’s been talked about a lot in the blogging world, and I downloaded it to see what all the hype was about. If I’m being honest, I always forget to use it! I just take a picture and upload it to Instagram straight away, I definitely need to get into ABM more as it creates some gorgeous pictures.

Work Folder 
MyMMU is an app that can only be used by students at Manchester Metropolitan University. It’s really handy for checking my timetable, catching up on the latest news and alerts and also gives me access to the MMU student portal that shows all the lecture schedules, slides and all assignments. UniDays  and Beans ID are brilliant for browsing the latest student discounts and to enter competitions. Chrome is downloaded onto my iPad but I don’t use it very often. I just find Safari so  much easier to access so I think I might delete it. Probably should have done that before writing this post…. Pages is sooo good for writing reports, essays, letters, resumes and you can even design business cards, newsletters and posters! I know it’s easier to write on a laptop, but Pages has so many templates and formats for you to utilise; your work appears much more professional. Pages does cost around £5 now, I bought it when on offer, but it is definitely worth it. Especially if you don’t have access to software similar on your laptops or computers. I use Barclays iPad Banking to check my bank balance (always scary!) and to do any transfers, pretty self explanatory really. Amazon is really useful to quickly browse their daily deals and to search for something you may be looking for. I use PayPal for similar reasons as the Barclays app, for making payments.  use CloudOn for opening powerpoints on my iPad. The title of this folder is a little misleading, it’s not really work related! It’s mostly student apps and banking – I suppose I should change the name.

You’ve got to have some games on your iPad haven’t you! Saying that, I don’t use them very often but they’re useful for when you’re bored. I have Hill Climb at my boyfriends request, Tapped Out which if you don’t turn your iPad to mute, will have Homer shouting at you in the middle of uni which I have learned from experience, Millionaire Monopoly which sadly is no where near as good as the real game and Happy Street which was introduced to me by a friend at uni and is surprisingly addictive! I also have Netflix and Talking Emoji in this folder as I didn’t feel they fit anywhere else really.

I’m so happy that Kindle is available on Apple products, geeky or what! I love reading, and although I do have iBooks it’s nice to be able to choose between the two. 4oD, TV Player and BBC iPlayer are used for catching up on the latest programs, especially while relaxing in the bath. Nando’s is definitely one of my favourite restaurants, so of course I have a loyalty card! The app is super useful for checking your Nando’s rewards and also browsing the menu deciding what you want to eat…. yum! My network provider is Three so I like to check up on my usage and what allowance I have left. Fingers crossed I won’t have to use Find iPhone, but it’s definitely worth having it just in case. Amazon could probably be in this folder along with eBay, and this app is self explanatory. BeautyLish is a relatively new app for me, which has all sorts of makeup and beauty tips on and also gives you the opportunity to shop for products too!

What apps do you recommend I download?

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