After the #TopSecretCoffee event which you can read about here, I popped into Superdrug to have a look around and saw the NYC stand. NYC isn’t a brand I’ve bought anything from before, but when I saw these palettes that are only £1.99(!!), I had to try them so one of the palettes I picked up was Midtown Mauve 945.

Now the Midnight Mauve palette is actually for brown eyes and mine are blue, but they’re such pretty eyeshadows I really wanted to try them. At less than £2, you can’t go wrong really. These colours aren’t usually something I would wear, and I’m not sure if I suit them but I’m trying to switch up my make up instead of just falling back on my go-to winged liner. The Individual Eye Palettes also come with an illuminator and a primer so if you’re going away for the weekend and don’t want to take a lot of makeup with you, you could chuck this in your makeup bag and have everything covered!

Shadows Top To Bottom – Crease & Contour / Crease & Contour / All Over Lid / Highlighter
Creams Top To Bottom – Illuminator / Primer

I applied the all over lid shadow and then blended the darker of the contour colours into my crease after using the primer base. I found that the primer was really easy to apply and didn’t drag across the skin. Although in the palette it looks quite dark, once you’ve patted it onto your eyelid it almost becomes clear. I found the shadows really pigmented and easy to blend into one another. The highlighter shade is perfect for the inner corner of your eye, and even though the second shade down in the palette is supposed to be for your crease, I dabbed this onto the centre of the lid just to make the look a little brighter. I think this shade would look lovely swept all over the lid with the “all over lid” shadow in this palette blended into your crease, or even with just winged liner. 

There are so many different looks you can create from this palette, and although I tend to stay away from purple and pink shadows, this has definitely changed my mind! 


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