Christmas Markets are one of my favourite parts of the festive season, and each year me and my boyfriend take a trip to the Manchester Markets for chocolatey food and hot drinks. This morning we took a trip to The Lowry, an outlet mall near Manchester to do some shopping and check out the Victorian markets that had been set up for the past week. I didn’t actually end up buying anything, but took advantage of the area to take some outfit pictures! While wandering around the Victorian fair, I came across a handmade bath product company – Flicker and Fizz. I’m a huge fan of Lush, so I just had to have a good look. There was a super cute “pick and mix” bath bomb selection, and a range of bath bombs made to smell like some popular perfumes! I saw one made of my mum’s favourite scent and just had to get her some for Christmas. Aside from bathbombs, they had lots of different bath products and I wish I’d picked up a few more things. Flicker and Fizz also have a website where you can order online too, so definitely check it out! The ladies who worked at the stall were also so lovely and said they’d be checking amyjanealice out – so hi if you’re reading!

Once we’d finished at the Lowry, we drove into Manchester. I didn’t end up buying anything in Manchester too; the crowds were ridicuolous! We had a walk around the Christmas markets are indulged in some chocolate waffles and pancakes. It was all a little crazy busy there too so we didn’t spend too much time there. After attending the Manchester Arndale After Dark event, I won an £100 spending spree at Hotel Chocolat so I was so excited to get into the store and pick out some treats. Aside from gifts for Christmas for other people, I of course had to get some chocolate for myself too. White chocolate is my favourite so I made sure to stock up on plenty of that, and I also picked up a Dipping Chocolate set where you can melt some chocolate and dip in the little nibbles such as marshmallows and breadsticks. I’m thinking of using that set with my family on Christmas Eve!

It was a bit of a busy and rushed day, but I love spending time with my boyfriend regardless of what we do. What do you think of me including more lifestyle posts like this? I recently invested in a new camera and have been loving experimenting and taking pictures of everything, so I hope this isn’t too picture heavy!


  1. Lovely photographs. I loved attending Christmas markets this year, made me feel so Christmassy and now I am sad that it is all over x


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