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“Is there anything more exciting in the world than clothes? If you think so, you need to shop more girlfriend. Way more! This book is a place to explore, map and share your own unique sense of style – part fashion journal, part style guide and part outfit dilemma-solver – your very own fashion fairy godmother. Whether you’re a high street honey or catwalk kitty, this book will put you on the express train to Hotsville!”

In 2014 I wrote about one of my favourite books of the year, Map My Heart by Dom & Ink, and I’m so excited to now be talking about his second book! Map My Style is a 144 page interactive journal filled with Dom’s own fabulous illustrations and witty comments, all about women’s fashion. There’s even an accompanying blog, also called Map My Style, where you can keep up to date with all the latest trends and get tips from the man himself.

While Map My Style helps you to consider your style through exploring and mapping, and gives you ideas of how to revamp your wardrobe, it isn’t about giving yourself a huge makeover and completely changing yourself. Dom says “it’s about embracing and loving yourself for who you are whilst also putting together killer outfits and utilising some spectacular Hairography on a daily basis”. I don’t think there’s a better way to put it! 

There are seven chapters in the book, ranging from the 16 essentials for a capsule wardrobe, to different fashion themes and the ultimate trend pieces you’ll need, to the top hair looks, to accessories. Dom has also included lots more quotes and more illustrations in Map My Style; it’s all about the positivity! Dom has worked in fashion for many years, and really understands trends and how they work on various body shapes, so I love the fact that he caters for all different shapes and sizes throughout Map My Style. Ever thought you couldn’t wear something because it’s a certain colour or shape? Dom will work his magic and charm and change your mind!

Apart from being absolutely in love with the book because of it being a fashion guide essential, you also have to appreciate the raw talent of all the illustrations and text that Dom created himself! It’s the perfect book to treat yourself with, or even as a gift for a friend or family. Whether you’re Geek Chic, Clean Cut or the Queen of Rock, there’s something in Map My Style for everyone.

I’m in the midst of really discovering me and my style, and this book is an absolute saviour. I’ve picked up some super helpful tips and had a laugh along the way filling out and decorating the book, and would wholeheartedly recommend this to everybody.You can pick Map My Style up from Huck & Pucker or Amazon for £9.99. Please do let me know if you get your hands on it and what you think! Don’t forget to follow and connect with Dom on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Make sure to use the hashtag #mapmystyle!

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