12 cupcakes £20*

After recently being in touch with Eat Your Photo, they kindly sent me some super cute cupcakes – with my boyfriend and I’s faces on! First of all I want to mention that the cakes arrived in a very sturdy and secure package, which is obviously very important; you don’t want squished cakes!

The cupcakes come in a variety of flavours such as chocolate, carrot, lemon, toffee and vanilla. I chose vanilla and do not regret my choice in the slightest, they were absolutely delicious. All the cakes are handmade by the Eat Your Photo professional bakers and confectioners and the taste definitely reflects that. The icing is lovely and thick while the cake itself is sweet and light with a beautiful buttercream finish.

If you don’t fancy buying pre made cakes or cupcakes and are a bit of a baker whizz yourself, you can just purchase the icing photographs which I think is a fantastic idea! I love the premise behind Eat Your Photo and I’ll definitely be dropping hints to my family just before my 21st birthday later on this year. They’re perfect as gifts or for events and can hold any photograph!

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