I’m a huge fan of Laura Geller and have been for quite a while now. Her face powder, the Balance n Brighten is a God send and is the only one I’ve found thats pale enough for me with perfect coverage and staying power. So, when I saw the Laura Geller Life in Rose a Beautiful Bloom Colour Collection on an introductory offer on QVC I had to get my hands on it. Inside the beautiful packaging, you get a Spackle primer, a Baked Gelato blush, a Balance n Brighten in a limited edition compact, a Duo Baked Eyeshadow, a brown INKcredible Liner and a Liquid Lip Silk. I chose the box designed for pale skin: Porcelain. All Laura Geller’s products are renowned for being baked, formed from liquid or cream pigments that are blended together and then baked for 24 hours on terracotta tiles, hand finished by Italian artisans.

The Spackle primer has been a favourite of mine for a while now which you can read about here, but this is my first time trying out the Spackle Tinted Under Make-up Primer, in the shade Ethereal. I prefer more coverage than a tinted primer can offer, so I use this just as a regular primer. It doesn’t feel like silicone like some other primers I’ve tried, it actually feels like a moisturiser which is perfect for my dry skin. With an illuminating glow, the Spackle primer prepares the skin for makeup and allows for a smoother application. Laura Geller claims that it helps your makeup to last longer, and while I haven’t noticed a huge difference in the short while I’ve been using the product, I can definitely tell that it makes a difference to the way my makeup is applied and how it looks. It also contains real crushed pearl and encapsulated licorice root extract!

The Baked Marble Shadow Duo holds two neutral and matte shades, which I love. Petal, a light brown/beige and Earth, a dark brown, look great used together and blended out or on their own. The shadows do need building up to create intense colour if you need it, but they are super soft and easily blendable. The Baked Gelato blush is really pretty, in both the colour (pink rose) and how it is presented in the pan. It’s a light but vibrant pink and so I’d wear it as part of a neutral, every day look. Definitely not with heavy eye and lip make up.

The INKcredible eyeliner in the shade Brown Eyed Girl has a gel consistency and Laura Geller claims it is waterproof. This, I can definitely agree with. After swatching the products for this post, it took a good few attempts to wash it off. I suppose this is both a blessing and a curse: perfect for those long days where you really don’t want smudged eye makeup, but a nightmare to try and get off easily in the evenings! If there’s one product that I’m not really sure about in this collection, it’s the Lip Silk. It comes in the shade French Kiss. It’s a deep peach shade which looks a little dark on me and the applicator is a little annoying. It has a click pen design with a slanted sponge applicator, which means if you twist the tube around one too many times, too much product is dispensed which means you end up wasting some. However, it does mean that you can apply an even shade across your lips in one sweep. Next time I use this Lip Silk I’m going to use it more sparingly to see if this makes a difference, and I must say that it’s moisturising and smells lovely!

My favourite product from Laura Geller, the Balance n Brighten, is the last product in the collection. The shade Porcelain is extremely light, but for me with very pale skin, it’s perfect. It can be applied straight on top of the Spackle as a baked foundation, or on top of your everyday foundation like I do, to give yourself a flawless base. I have quite a few of the Balance n Brighten compacts, but this one comes in limited edition packaging which I think is gorgeous. The powder is silky and smooth and there is hardly any fallout which means that you waste next to no product which is great when you’re paying over £15 for a powder! You also get a dual ended makeup brush, one end for powder and one for eyeshadow. I’m not sure how much use I’ll get out of this but it’s a nice addition to my makeup brush collection, especially for travelling!

L-R:  Ethereal Spackle Primer, Earth Shadow, Petal Shadow, INKcredible Brown Eyed Girl Liner, Pink Rose Baked Gelato Blush and French Kiss Lip Silk

You can see from the swatches the intensity of the colours, except for the Balance n Brighten which is such a perfect match for my skin it blends in until you can no longer see it! The below picture is taken with the flash, and the above without. The Laura Geller 7 Piece Life in Bloom collection is available on QVC, and while it does cost £55, QVC often sell products with the choice to pay in interest free easy payments which means you can spread the cost over a number of months (this isn’t a sponsored post by the way, my mother just seems to have got me hooked on QVC)! Have you tried any of Laura Geller’s products?

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