The hunt for the perfect pale foundation never ends. I thought I’d found “the one” in the Seventeen Stay Time Foundation, but after a while I wanted something new. I did my usual research online and came across so many people raving about Double Wear, so that weekend I went to my local Debenhams to try it out. Unfortunately they didn’t have the palest shade of Double Wear (obviously the shade for me) available, but they did have intensity 0.5 in the Double Wear Light, so I very gratefully accepted a tester to try out over the next few days. On my first day of testing the foundation out, I was out on a day trip where the weather was it’s usual self here in the UK and I promised myself that if it lasted well throughout the day, I would buy it. So, true to my word, I bought it!

I’m a huge fan of high coverage foundations; my skin is red in some places, paler in others with the persistent little buggers that are blemishes, I like to be able to cover everything up really well, so this is great for me. While it’s not as thick as Double Wear, it still provides a high amount of coverage without feeling too heavy on the skin. It blends into the skin really easily, especially with a sponge (my fave is by Real Techniques!) though I would recommend applying a bit at a time so as not to try and blend too much at once. 

For me, the colour match still isn’t spot on. I feel like it’s a shade or two too dark with yellow undertones, but after spending almost £30 on it, I’m going to get my use out of it! It just means I have to work a little harder than usual to blend it all in, but it’s worth it. My skin gets considerably dryer in the winter months, so I’m hoping that this foundation works well on dryer skin *keeps fingers crossed*. I really do like this foundation, but I would love it even more if a paler shade was released. Maybe a 0.25?! I’m on the hunt for a Double Wear tester to test out the two, so I will report back!

What are your opinions of Double Wear Light?

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