I had a pretty good reading year in 2016; I managed to get through 60 books (up to the 30th December as I’m writing this!) which were a mixture of a few different genres. I thought I’d start 2017 with good intentions by setting myself some bookish resolutions. Whether I’ll succeed is another story, but this is a good start.

Read 65 books: Reaching around 60 books in 2016, after setting an initial target of 25, I want to aim higher in 2017. I’m not going to put too much pressure on myself though, as I’m in my final year of uni and of course that’s (sadly) my first priority.

Document every book: So, I already do this on Goodreads, but I received the super cute book above as a Secret Santa present this year (it’s from Waterstones), and I love the idea of writing each book down, and keeping track of any that I want to read in the future. There’s also plenty of room for it to last well over just one year, and I think it’d be a cool little keepsake for years to come.

Read more non-fiction: I own so many different genres of books but tend to stick to YA fantasy. I’ve got lots of non-fiction books on my shelves, on some really interesting topics so I’m going to aim to read at least one each month.

Keep my bookcasess organised: So, I tend to reorganise my bookcase every couple of months. Then I buy more books and just plonk them on the shelves wherever they will fit. I’m planning on buying another bookcase in the New Year, and keeping both of them organised is definitely going to be an ongoing mission.

Finish series: I have a seriously bad habit of reading the first, or first few books in a series. The Mortal Instruments and The Raven Cycle, I’m looking at you. I want to break this habit in 2017!

Set up my bookish shelves: I’ve been planning on setting up some dedicated shelves for a while now. For example, I want one Sarah J Maas shelf and one J.K Rowling shelf to begin with. I’ve been buying different trinkets and pieces of merch to accompany my books on the shelves, but I think actually putting the shelves on my wall will be a good first step.

I’m feeling pretty optimistic right now, and looking forward to 2017. I’m not a huge fan of the whole “New Year, New Me!” thing that floods social media around this time of year, but you can’t deny that a brand new year brings with it a sense of hope and opportunity, and I love that feeling.

I’d love to know if you are setting any bookish resolutions!


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