Confession: I’m a little bit nosey. I love watching routine videos on YouTube; morning routines, planning routines, self care routines, allll of the routines. After watching and reading everybody else’s, I thought I’d finally write my own: my reading routine.
Now I’m the kind of person who can usually read anywhere. I sometimes read in the car if I’m early for uni and sat in the car park, or in the cafe at uni between lectures, sometimes I’ve even read in a lecture before (oops). But without doubt my favourite place to read is at home, in my bed. 

The first thing I do is fluff up all my pillows (my boyfriend may say too many pillows) and sort out my little reading corner. My favourite pillows have to be my ACOMAF themed ones from Evie SEO. They’re so cute, super good quality and how could I resist anything that’s related to my favourite series?

We’ve been having some unusually good weather here in Manchester recently, so I’ve been loving having the curtains pulled back and the window open, letting in all that good sunshine and fresh air. However in the winter, I much prefer the dark and snuggly aesthetic, with just my bedside lamp on, covered in a heap of blankets.
While this is usually the part where people say “and then I brew a strong and sweet cup of tea in my favourite mug”, that’s just not me. I actually think it’d result in me scalding myself while reading! I do however have some water or sugar free juice (because I’m actually seven years old) and occasionally a snack or two, typically a chocolate digestive.

While I can read in total silence, I often like to listen to some music or have the television on in the background as sometimes I find that the silence can be a bit intimidating if I’m trying to get into a particularly difficult book. I usually find a playlist on Spotify, either like a soft jazz or acoustic playlist and play that on my phone or laptop. I’ve been really getting back into listening to music recently. 

One of my favourite things to do when I wake up in a morning is to stick on my own “Miracle Morning” playlist and sing and dance along while I get ready to start my day. Because of this I’ve been looking into investing in some new equipment, like these Panasonic Wireless Speakers*. My dad’s always been into his tech, especially surround sound equipment and televisions, so I know that sometimes spending a little more does result in better quality and longer lasting gadgets! I’ll definitely be adding these to my wishlist, and ’cause they’re bluetooth I’ll be able to sing along in the shower even better.

So I’ve chosen my book, sorted out my space, got myself some refreshments and chosen my music. Now it’s time to sit back, get comfy and cosy and get lost in another great book. Recently I’ve been really loving reading self help and personal development books again as I want to work on being my better self and just becoming a happier and more positive person. I’ve got a self help TBR coming up very soon so make sure to check that out if you want any book inspo! 


*This post has been sponsored by Panasonic.

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