Film Discussion: Avengers: Infinity War

So to begin with, yes, that is a bag in the shape of Groot’s head (thanks for the present, dad)!

As we are probably all aware by now, Avengers: Infinity War was finally released on the 27th April. I unfortunately couldn’t make it to the midnight showing so I raced to the cinema straight from my interview with Alwyn Hamilton on the Thursday which was straight after work. You could say it was a pretty busy day!

I’ve mentioned the fact that my love of superheroes and fantasy films comes from my dad a few times on here. Basically, he is a huge comic fan and collector. Like, thousands of comics in our loft, several shelving units of DVDs, artwork around the house kind of fan. You know how some kids drive little Barbie cars when they’re young? Well I had a Batmobile. No joke. Luckily for my dad, I turned into a lover of all things Marvel and DC too, and The Avengers are definitely one of my favourite Marvel film franchises. So to say I was excited for Infinity War may be an understatement… As soon as I got home from the cinema, I made a bullet point list of thoughts which I thought might be interesting enough to share on here.

Now this is no way a coherent and planned out review, it literally is a list of bullet points but it’s the truest reflection of my initial reactions in their raw form. I can’t even say that the bullet points are in order of what happens in the film so you’ll just have to bear with me. This is not spoiler free so before you read this post, make sure to watch the film if you don’t want anything to be ruined!

InfinityWarFilmReview - Groot Bag

  • Culmination of TEN YEARS worth of world building, character development and storytelling
  • Loki. Oh my god. That’s all.
  • Where were Korg, Miek and Valkyrie on Thor’s ship?!
  • “Why does that dude look like Voldemort?”
  • Pretty much anything that Drax says. My particular favourite scenes featuring him were “Where is Gamora?” “I can do one better, who is Gamora?” “I can do one better, why is Gamora?” and calling Dr. Strange’s cloak a “blanket of death”. Oh and the fact he mastered the art of standing so still that he became invisible to the eye!
  • Spider-Man’s new suit!
  • The fact that Peter was super brave and inquisitive and turned up on the spaceship after Tony had specifically tried to send him away
  • Any scene with the Guardians, particularly Thor vs Quill
  • “Pirate angel”
  • Ok so that scene where Captain America comes out of the shadows with THAT BEARD to help Vision and Scarlet Witch, along with Black Widow and Falcon
  • Scarlet Witch is sooo cool!
  • Shuri one-upping Bruce with her knowledge
  • The relationship between Tony Stark and Peter Parker
  • “Take ass and kick names”
  • So we don’t actually see The Hulk much, especially in the big final battle. But I think this was really important. Throughout the films so far we have seen Bruce Banner as meek and mild while The Hulk does all the “smashing”. This time round, we got to see Bruce being brave and strong without The Hulk even making an appearance! However this does just show the sheer strength of Thanos as the Hulk reeeally did not want to make an appearance.
  • “Nutsack of a chin” – literally couldn’t cope looking at Thanos for the rest of the film
  • Is Red Skull coming back for Captain America or is he gone again now?
  • Thor managing the power of an actual star
  • Groot sacrificing his “arm” to forge Thor’s new axe… though I did note that it grew back
  • Okoye, Scarlet Witch and Black Widow fighting together. “She is not alone.” YES!
  • Dr. Strange tells Iron Man there is “only one way” before giving up the Infinity Stone. I’m holding onto the idea that he knew exactly what was going to happen and he had to give it away and everyone will be fine, ok? Fine.
  • Also hoping that Shuri actually gleaned enough knowledge from Vision’s Infinity Stone to help them beat Thanos and save the world
  • Spider-Man working with Dr. Strange’s magical manipulations of space to beat up Thanos “Oooh magic. Oooh more magic. Magic with a kick!”
  • “I am Groot.” “I am Steve Rogers”
  • That scene where Thor lands in Wakanda. Basically any scene where Thor uses his lightning power. Goosebumps.
  • Visually this film was just STUNNING. The planets, the intricate fight scenes, just everything
  • But what we really love, is the characters. The way they all came together was just, 10/10.
  • Rocket saying his goodbyes to Groot again when he’d already sacrificed himself once before
  • “Mr Stark, I don’t feel too good. I don’t wanna go” *cries*
  • Such a layered and complex villain who was just so chill about everything. Like that smile at the end, he’s happy to sit on his arse and be happy with his work whilst OUR WORLD HANGS IN THE BALANCE
  • The film literally ending and me saying “what the f**ck?!”

I really need to watch this film a second time, and I’ve probably missed loads of parts that I loved out, but what the heck. What are your predictions for Part Two?