Six for Sunday: Couples Who Need A Sequel

Hi all, I hope you’ve had a really lovely week! I’ve been pretty ill with what has turned out to be a chest infection lately so it’s not been the best of times for me but I have read a book that has ended up one of my favourite reads of the year so far and I’m one week closer to my Summer holiday so it’s not all bad.

I’m loving taking part in A Little But A Lots Six For Sunday series – I think it’s one of the only blog series I have stuck to! Today’s post is all about couples I think need a sequel. Some are supporting characters and some are main characters and it was was actually more difficult to put together than I thought! Of course I’d love another Feysand book but I’ve tried not to be too boring and predictable.

Elide and Lorcan from the Throne of Glass series
I have been shipping these two since Empire of Storms and I really just need a book solely about them. That horse scene in KOA just destroyed me.

Azriel/Lucien and Elain from the A Court of Thorns and Roses series
So this is a bit of a funny one because I’m not actually sure who I’m shipping with Elain after ACOWAR/ACOFAS. I love both Lucien and Azriel and think that they both have traits that compliment Elain really nicely. I guess I’m leaning slightly more towards Azriel right now just because Elain seems to be calmer around him but that could definitely all change in the future!

Rook and Isobel from An Enchantment of Ravens
I read this book back in 2016 and raced through it, desperate for a sequel from the moment I closed the cover. Sadly this story is a standalone so we won’t be getting any more from this world (as far as I know anyway!) but I would love to read more about this pair.

Alex and Henry from Red, White and Royal Blue
I literally just finished this book yesterday and already need more! These two are just so cute and I want to read about how they navigate their complicated future together and how their relationship develops.

Hannah and Garrett from the Off Campus series
The Off Campus series is a collection of four books featuring four different couples; Hannah and Garrett were the first couple I read about and I just want more. We do get to see them in the other couple’s books but I’d love another book just about them and maybe how they’re dealing with life after college!

Nikolai and Zoya from the Grishaverse
I’m not entirely sure that we won’t be getting this kind of book but it’s something I am so down for reading! I think the two compliment each other really well and it’s a pair I am definitely shipping.

Thank you all for reading another Six for Sunday post and I’d love to know which couples you think deserve their own sequel!

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