Hi! I’m Amy, a twenty two year old PR and Digital Marketing graduate from the North of England. I basically buy, read and write about books. My favourite author is Sarah J. Maas (I am trash for her books and belong in Velaris) and I’m a firm believer that while I am *technically* an adult, it is still totally appropriate for me, and anyone of any age, to love YA. Chuck me a high fantasy with a kick ass hero, a good old romance and some fast paced action (maybe even a dragon) and I am totally happy.

So I admit, my life does revolve around books for the most part, but I do get up to other stuff I’ll have you know! I own way too much makeup and at least 10 (almost identical) pairs of black heeled boots. You can’t beat a good collared shirt with skinny jeans, and you’ll most likely find me wearing black. If you check out my Spotify, you’ll see that I enjoy a good jam to some 80s tunes and some golden throwbacks, and I spend that much time on Netflix that I see my “lay down in bed squinting at the screen” reflection when it asks if you’re still watching way too often.

In between spending time at work and reading, I’m with my boyfriend of almost six years George. My little cat Pepper is a big part of my life, and I already know I’m going to have lots of pets when I get a place of my own! In the past five years there have been very few days I haven’t worn liquid liner and a deep nude lipstick has always been my favourite.