Back in November I bought my first ever FairyLoot box (check out what was inside here), and I was hooked from the second I opened it. Sadly I missed out on the December box, so when I saw that the January box was up for single purchase on Christmas Day, I treated myself to a little Christmas present and bought it straight away. Oh man, this box is incredible. I wanted to wait a little while to share my unboxing as I know that a few people oversees may only have recently received theirs and I didn’t want to spoil anything, but I’m so excited to finally talk about it!

FairyLoot is a “fantasy focused monthly subscription box containing a Young Adult book and some hand selected bookish goodies” as described on their website. You can commit to six or twelve month subscriptions or if you’re fast enough, you can get your hands on their single purchase boxes! The January theme was “Mystery and Mischief” which sounded right up my street.

I don’t think it’s possible for me to choose just one favourite this month; the whole box was totally gorgeous. Alongside the main contents, we received the usual favourites: the Fairyscoop including interviews with the author of this month’s book and YouTuber emmmabooks and the FairyLoot book bag which is so handy for carrying your book around in.

There were so many exclusive items this month that I’m super excited about. The first exclusive item is the lovely Come Back Yesterday candle by Meraki Candles, which is themed after the book in this month’s box! It smells of cocoa, berries and musk, and even says FairyLoot on the tin. It’s a gorgeous pink colour and smells even more delicious every time I open the lid.

The next is this absolutely stunning Night Circus Pillowcase designed by Risa Rodil. I haven’t read The Night Circus yet, though it is sat waiting patiently on both my TBR and my bookcase, but I’m still in love with this cover. Who can have too many cushions on their bed? Not me.

FairyLoot really spoiled us this month, with yet another exclusive: the super pretty rose necklace by Oh Panda Eyes. It’s so intricate and well designed, I’m almost scared to wear it for fear of breaking it! I love the little “admit one” FairyLoot ticket attached to the clasp, which only adds to the overall charm. The final exclusive is the Alice in Wonderland bookmark by Read At Midnight: it’s lovely and thick, which means if I can bring myself to use it (it’s just so cute!) I won’t be scared of it bending or creasing. 

In keeping with the ‘mystery’ theme, a Funko Mystery Mini toy was included in each box, and you were surprised with either a Harry Potter or a Game of Thrones mini. While I hoped for a Harry Potter mini, I received one from Game of Thrones. Sadly I’ve only seen season one and that was a long time ago (I know, I’m so behind!) so I’m not actually sure who this little guy is, but he’s still sat at the top of my bookcase!

Not content with giving us lots of exclusives this month, Anisa and the guys at FairyLoot treated us to not one but two books. The first, How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes. Oh my, I love Sherlock Holmes, so I’m so happy to have received this. My boyfriend has actually reserved it for our upcoming holiday in June!

So last, but oh my gosh, by no means least is this month’s book. I had been anticipating this book for months, ever since I’d heard it’s plot, and I had a sneaky suspicion that this was the January FairyLoot book of the month so in good faith I cancelled my pre order. I totally made the right call! The highly anticipated YA debut Caraval by Stephanie Garber was included this month and I LOVE IT. I read it within days of receiving the book and it’s already become one of my favourite ever books. Out of the four alternative covers underneath the dustjacket that you could receive, I got my hands on the tent design and it’s oh so beautiful. In fact, the whole book is. So much so that I recently ordered the US edition too! We also received a signed bookplate which is sitting proudly inside the book cover (and will be joined by Stephanie’s signature that I will receive in person at an upcoming event!), a Caraval postcard and a super interesting map of Caraval too with a letter from Stephanie on the reverse, which now I’ve read the book I can’t wait to pore over. My review for Caraval will be up later this week, but it’s a definite 5/5 stars from me!

A couple of bonus items were also included which was a nice little touch, like the Passenger notebook, Alchemists of Loom bookmark and the Jackaby free chapter download postcard. Phew. That was a lot of stuff. I feel truly spoiled this month; my love for FairyLoot just grows with every box, I can’t wait for next month!


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